Founded in 2002, SURETECH SYSTEMS provides substantial review of pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology company’s hepa filter and cleanroom third-party testing and certification reports in a cGMP environment. Quality assurance teams are almost invariably ill-equipped to provide substantial, rather than stylistic, review of documentation such as biological safety cabinet certifications, air & balancing reports, fume hood, HVAC, cleanroom certification reports and exhaust systems documentation.

Matthew Lemieux, SURETECH’s founder, has over 34 continuous years of field experience as a biological safety cabinet certifier, air and water balancer & cleanroom certifier. Mr. Lemieux has a B.S. in mechanical engineering from Northeastern University, a Massachusetts E.I.T. registration, an  Eagleson Institute honor member recognition and has been an ANSI/NSF-49 accredited biological safety cabinet certifier since 1997.

Mr. Lemieux’s broad expertise involves ANSI/NSF-49, N.E.B.B., I.E.S.T., ISO 14644, ASHRAE and many other industry standards and documentation. He is a CETA Registered Cleanroom Certification Professional – Sterile Compounding Facilities (RCCP-SCF). With an ever maturing pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing industry, SURETECH remains an indispensable teammate for quality teams reviewing third party compliance documentation.





Matthew C. Lemieux


Compliance Auditing

Cleanroom Consulting


E.l.T. #21023 MA

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